Crown7 has been featured in news stories on all of these networks and publications.
We are very proud of the fact that the media has given us such positive feedback.
Crown7 strives to continue this type of positive business with our customers.
Here are "real" comments received from some of our customers:


I would like to thank you for what can only be said as awesome customer service. You guys really go above and beyond what was needed. Thank you again

Theresa J.


I absolutely in love with your 500 puff disposables.

Mark B.


Thanks very much.  I'll definitely make sure people know that Crown Seven has the absolute best in customer service!



Thank you again, your customer service is excellent and I will recommend your product without any hesitation.  Cathy C.


Thank you so much! Excellent customer service! I really appreciate it, and you can count on me to pass the word along that you stand by your product. I have already led several of my friends to you, and will continue to promote the Crown 7! Thanks again! LeeAnn M


I love the customer support you give. Thanks again. Jan


Comment: Just purchased your black unit with menthol replacement cartridges. I have smoked traditional cigarettes for 31 years and I am shocked that I LOVE your product. I am so enthusiastic about it that I am telling all of my friends and family and even posting your praises on my facebook and twitter pages. Please keep quality items on hand and at reasonable prices and I will continue to sing your praises!!! ... :) Lynnette S


I just wanted to say thank you again for the outstanding customer service! I had a problem with my cig and the place I got it from was really rude and upset my wife and I,I sent a message to you guys and got a phonecall the very next day and my replacement the day after that! Its not just good customer service its Outstanding and I would recommend your product over any other out there.Itworks great and the people behind it really believe in their product and customer service.You guys are the future of this business and your gonna do well! Thanks again I'll be buying my products from you guys directly now I really like the case so I'll order that with my next set of cartomizers.One last question do you guys have a store? I'll be pluging you guys too!We went on vacation recently to Disneyland and on a cruise and must have mentioned or been asked about your product from about 100 different people ranging from Security from smoking in the non smoking area lol to the smokers bunched up in smoking sections.I even had one guy I met on the cruise on day 1 say hey its the water cig guy on day 4 so word of mouth and your customer service is working i guess it will just take a lil while longer for it to really take hold and blindside ya with how good your product really is.Anyways take care guys --Mike M


Oh thank you that is great news, I'm a Crown 7 junkie (lol) thanks for the good news - I was stressing.


Thanks again for the help of kicking bad habit with a safer one ; ) K.R.


Thank you so much for your efforts and concern! Fantastic customer service! Great products! Awesome results! Thanks Crown Seven! Iric F.


Again thank you and I will keep referring people to this E Cigarette...it really is my favorite and I have tried a few.  I have stopped smoking because of it and other friends of mine...even my 79 yr old dad has said it has helped him cut down tremendously on his regular cigarettes. I always like share with other people when I find a good item. Thanks Again, Brigid


All I want to say is your company is one of the best there is, Before I tried the crown 7 i was useing the Njoy Npro, Both batterys went out and I sent a mail out to them, they never replied, never called and did not contact me at all. But when  let you know about a problem about your product, you replied within a day, Thank you for your great customer support and I will be a loyal customer. Thank you again,Thanks Stephen

Thank you for your prompt and personal reply to my questions.Jan B


I must tell you I am on total awe of your customer service! Not only did you agree to exchange my item with no question, I sent the cartridges back to you (from NY) on Monday and had my replacements on Friday. You’re the best!!!

Marilyn E

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