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Charging your Gladiator electronic starter kit:

Plug your USB charge cable that was included with your kit into an available USB slot which can be found on most electronic devices for example PC, MAC, Games console, Laptop. Once plugged in the LED on the charge cable will turn green, Screw your 650mah battery into the charging unit and the LED will turn red to indicate that a charge is needed, once the battery has reached full charge the LED will turn back to green to indicate that it is now fully charged and ready for use.




Filling your Gladiator clearomizer tank:

To fill your Gladiator clearomizer you need to remove the mouthpiece, do this by gently unscrewing it from the tank. There is a small O-ring in place on the mouthpiece that is there to avoid leaks once the unit is filled be careful not to lose or misplace this O-ring because without it you may experience leaks. Now you have removed the mouthpiece you can start to fill the tank with your E- juice, fill the tank by slowly dripping the E-juice down the side of the tank while being careful not to get any inside the silver tube that is on top of the post that runs directly down the center (this is made easy by tilting the tank at an angle as you fill). Fill the tank to the desired level but never above the point where the liquid is above the 1.6L mark. Now the tank is filled replace the mouthpiece by gently screwing together, while doing this hold the filled tank in an upright position to avoid spillage. Now that you have completed the above and your tank is filled and has been put back together you are now ready to vape.




Now you have completed the above you have a fully charged, filled, ready to use Gladiator electronic cigarette and you are ready to enjoy the Gladiator’s excellent flavor and vapor production. The button on the battery is used to fire the unit which will in turn power the Gladiator and heat up the heating coil which then heats the E-juice to produce the vapor “give it a try now”. The power button has a safety feature which enables you to completely turn the battery off so when you are not using the Gladiator e-cig it can’t be accidentally fired. To turn the battery off you simply click the button 5 times in quick succession and repeat to turn it back on. When the battery needs to be recharged the power button will flash every time it is pressed and will not fire so recharge following the above instructions. When your E- juice level starts to get low and you want to refill always remove the Gladiator clearomizer from the battery and repeat the filling instructions above to avoid accidentally flooding your battery. Always keep external parts and screw thread on both the battery and Gladiator clearomizer clean, dry and free from dirt.


When using you electronic cigarette to avoid the possibility of liquid condensation entering your mouth please use at a downward angle (base pointing towards the floor).


If there is anything you need/want to know about the Gladiator that has not been covered in this guide feel free to contact us and we will be glad to answer any questions and/or provide the help you need.


Using chargers other than the Gladiator charger for the Gladiator battery may cause a  fire or damage to your product.Never leave a battery unattended while charging. Please go to additional safety information  for charging your battery.

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    Crown Seven

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Mar 2014

    I purchased the lxe DELUXE cigarette kit and also the GLADIATOR. I have found that both products are great. The lxe kit was purchased first and I have been using it daily for 4 plus weeks.You get a lot of vapor and the cartomizers I refill with 1000% VG juice. It is a good deal as you receive 13 cartos 2 batts 3 ways to charge etc. The GLADITOR is a lot smaller than I thought it was . yess and it works great also. It took awhile to get used to how to draw and hold button. (some nasty hits if you hold button down too long) Once you get it ,the "gladiator" gives nice big vapor and is simple to operate. I have tried MANY other companies products and found that "crown seven" and V2 are two of best.

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